Ready to be a ROCK STAR? Join one of our rock bands! Beginners through to advanced players welcome. Lessons start by playing a simple song of two or three chords with a basic beat, then you move onto the chords needed for the next song, until in a very short time you have mastered a collection of chords and rhythms that can be applied to thousands of songs! Soon you will cover various styles such as basic rock'n'roll, including 12-bar blues, some country, then move onto the more popular music of today. In our group band lessons you can learn GUITAR
DRUMS All instruments are available for use in lessons at the studio, no need to bring anything, just your enthusiasm and willingness to learn! All lessons run for 40 minutes and use professional sound and lighting equipment! Adult Bands
We also teach adults! These lessons are great for those who have always wanted to learn an instrument but never got around to doing it! Learn classic rock songs and get to perform in at least two concerts a year!