TEACHERS & STAFF Stars & Idols staff are mostly young, talented and enthusiastic. The principal (Mr D - Jim Dowling) says he is just enthusiastic! All teachers have blue cards and are trained by Mr D.


 Mr. D (aka Jimmy Jukebox!) has been a professional musician and school music teacher for many years with qualifications in both classroom and music teaching. He creates and organises all lessons and programs for Stars & Idols. Mr. D is a seasoned performer and has done gigs all around the world. He has also performed with legendary music icons such as Chuck Berry, John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes. He sings and plays guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, flute & harmonica.


Liam is an exceptional guitar and bass player, he also plays drums, keyboard and sings! He developed his teaching skills with Stars & Idols bands in Gatton when quite young and now is leading many school and studio sessions. His quirky and energetic teaching style entertains the students and makes lessons fun.
Lara is a young talented musician who is lead singer of "Tinted Sun", an up and coming local band and acoustic act that began as a STARS & IDOLS band (Rokkidz) in Toowoomba. She is a fantastic singer and also plays guitar and keyboard. Lara is the studio's receptionist and assists with singing lessons and bands.
Scott is an exceptional drummer who also plays guitar, bass and keyboard. He also has a fantastic singing voice Scott started out as a student at Stars & Idols when he was just 13 and is well-versed in all of Stars & Idols teaching methods. Scott teaches in our school classes as well as band and singing classes in our Toowoomba studio. His warm, approachable teaching style ensure students learn to the best of their ability.
Dave is a brilliant guitarist who also sings. He teaches in some of our schools as well as at the studio Dave is extremely knowledgeable and his advanced guitar class at the studio and his teaching at schools has helped our guitarists soar.